The One and Only, Blackglama

Blackglama, The One And Only

If asked to choose one fur garment to wear for the rest of your life, most would choose an all-encompassing piece that is versatile, timeless and well, black.

Black continues to be the anchor of style and a wardrobe staple. This powerful color can represent emotion, rebellion and mystery while being serious, sexy and sophisticated. This same theory can be applied to Blackglama.

For five decades, Blackglama has remained the most in-demand and iconic label in fur and fashion. In time, the name transcended from label to brand and took on a cult following of celebrities, supermodels and loyal customers.


Today, Blackglama continues its legacy as the one and only black mink label to own. Blackglama garments are designed and crafted in all styles, shapes and sizes. What remains equal is the superior quality and sustainable production of this ethically sourced, North American ranch-raised mink.

Transcending trends, age and style, the BLACKGLAMA label is eternal.